My name is Michael Wittchow and over the past few years I have made thousands of dollars as an Internet Marketeer while going to school and even now while working a full time job.

Currently I am not making thousands of dollars a month like the other super affiliates are making, but I make enough extra money on the side to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. Don’t get me wrong I would love to expand my online presence and one day post about how I made six figures from internet marketing, but this website was started so that others like myself can benefit from the knowledge I have learned and what others have to share.

My goal for this website is to help others just like myself who are either in school or have a full time job break into the internet marketing world and make some money on the side. I will document my experience as much as possible and provide step by step instructions to those who really need it.

Most of the other bloggers basically brag about how much money they have made, but they don’t give you exact steps on how you can do the same. They say things like

I just took a campaign sent traffic to it and made $1000.

They don’t explain everything. You want to know more so that you can try, but if you have no clue on how to start, how can you try?

I will take you through all of the steps. Things like purchasing a domain name and hosting, how to set up a website and optimize it, and most importantly how to make some extra money on the side. Most people who want to become internet marketeers just read way to much and get stuck due to information overload. They either think they need to learn more or they try way to many things and fail. I personally have ran into all of these issues. The key to being successful is to focus on one thing at a time and above all just TAKE ACTION.

You will hear all of the the successful internet marketeers stress these words “Take Action.” now get out there and do it! You will be making money in no time.