Monitize Your Mobile Site with Amazon Mobile Popover

Amazon Associate Mobile Popover Guide

1. Introduction

Mobile popover automatically shows product details (product image, title, price, customer ratings, and shipping information) for text links which are visible on the mobile screen without any clicks thereby improving user experience and increasing conversion on smartphone.

amazon mobile popover

2. Pilot Information

During pilot, Amazon will measure increase in revenue that can be attributed to the mobile popover. In addition, Amazon will be A/B test different creatives to identify a creative which generates highest revenue. The percentage of website visitors who will see the mobile popover is configurable and can be communicated to Amazon by emailing Amazon will auto configure the percentage of visitors who will see the mobile popover if you have no preference.

3. Integration

You can include the following mobile popover JS in your website template or in content management system. You can add this code either after the opening of <body> tag or before closing of the </body> tag on each page. This ensures that JS will get executed on every page

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var amzn_assoc_ad_type = “link_enhancement_widget”;
var amzn_assoc_tracking_id = “ontheside-20”; //replace with your associates tracking id
var amzn_assoc_marketplace = “amazon”;
var amzn_assoc_region = “US”;
var amzn_assoc_placement = “”;
<script src=
If you are using Firefox browser, we recommend you open this document using Adobe Reader before copying the ad code.

Do not put the JS twice in a page or a template.

How To Find Amazon Items That Pay A High Commission

profitEverybody knows that the higher the item’s price is the higher the commission. Amazon’s Affiliate program has a tiered commission structure, and you want to promote the big ticket items to make the most possible income. Unfortunately finding those big ticket items may be a challenge for the average user. Also just because it is an expensive item, doesn’t mean it will actually sell.

The goal is to find items that pay a high commission and filter through those items to find the ones that are easy to sell. Here are the steps to find items that pay a high commission.

  1. Visit and open the full store directory
  2. Click on a category that you may be interested in promoting. For this example we will choose the “Automotive & Industrial” category.
  3. Lets click on the sub category “Labs & Scientific.”
  4. Next click on another sub category like “Scales & Balances.”
  5. Now we will want to move to the upper right corner and sort the items by “Price: High to Low.” You will now see all of the highest priced Scales * Balances.
  6. Lets go back to the main “Industrial & Scientific” Category. You will now see the most expensive items in that category. You can see that there is a Cyclone 4006 – Ultra High Pressure Hard Surface Cleaner, 40,000 psi water with Full Recovery that costs $514,968.00 and has two 5 star reviews, so you know this item has sold previously. At Amazon’s 4% tier, that would net you a $20,000 commission.
  7. This is just an example of how to find some products, but trying to actually sell this surface cleaner will be a challenge. You will want to go through some of the other categories until to find a good product that will be easy to promote and offer high commissions.

Now that you have an idea of where to find amazon products that offer a high commission, get to researching and take action now!